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Tuition-Free Public Charter Schools

Pivot Charter School is a Florida public school with an innovative site-based approach to high quality education. Pivot Charter School incorporates an online curriculum with state-certified online teachers and certified on-site teachers working side by side with students as they are engaged in their courses in our Learning Centers.

Each student receives an educational program to meet their individual needs and styles of learning. We enable students to successfully complete their requirements, graduate on-time, and move into the next stages of either career or college life. Pivot Charter School also allows students to attend school on-site for a shorter amount of time each day than traditional schools.

One Vision

The program is designed to utilize an online curriculum in a site based Learning Center environment that allows students to work at their own pace, receive immediate tutoring, participate in small group instruction be involved in school-wide activities, and receive individualized support from site- based and online Florida-certified teachers.

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